Costco Roadshow Sampling Program


As a new-to-market product, Rougette® enlisted Phun for All to execute a Costco Roadshow sampling program in Southern California and Central Coast store locations. Product trainings, activation scheduling and POS handlings were successfully executed to achieve the client’s goals of increased brand awareness amongst thousands of consumers and high sales numbers.


In order to ensure Rougette was properly supported and set up for success, our Marketing & Operations Specialist thoroughly discussed the program details and goals with the client preceding the initiation of the Costco Roadshow sampling program.

Once demonstration schedules were strategically assorted and staffed for the four-day roadshows, two in-person trainings were coordinated in different SoCal areas with the client.

Phun for All brand ambassadors were able to directly connect with the founder to learn more about the product and discover best practices for serving it to consumers. Those who were unable to attend these sessions completed a virtual training, assisted with a presentation provided by the client.

POS kits, which were distributed at the trainings, included a Rougette hat, apron, table cloth, signs and recipe cards. Phun for All handled and directly shipped out kits for those absent from the in-person trainings.

Our Phun for All coordinator maintained consistent communication with both the client and various Costco representatives to efficiently relay important information and immediately solve any inventory issues that came up, working with everyone involved to promote the program’s success.


In-store samplings featured the new Rougette Bonfired Marinated Grilling Cheese and were successfully conducted at 20 different Costco locations over the course of 10 days, for a total of 55 completed activations.

Brand ambassadors accounted inventory at each site, served samples, distributed recipe cards, and informed consumers with product information.

A total of 33,506 samples were given away and 4,840 units were sold, producing an average of 88 units sold per store visit.

Beyond generating brand awareness amongst thousands of shoppers and encouraging high conversion rates and direct sales, this roadshow program created new raving fans and incurred an overwhelmingly positive consumer response for the product.

Overall, the Costco Roadshow program was a vital component to leveraging early success in the product’s new-to-market stages. Phun for All is looking forward to continuing a partnership with Rougette to execute future programs and provide more support as the brand continues to grow.

“This product has been a huge hit; I’m impressed by how well it is smelling! It smell so good, too. Shoppers will be more than happy to try it just from the aroma alone.”