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BA Welcome Guide

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Follow the steps below to ensure you are ready for your event

Complete your Promomash Profile

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SET UP: Set up your account and enter in your contact information. Make sure your address stays updated so that you can see shifts that are open in your location for bidding.


We also use your Promomash address to set up your Paychex account for payroll, and to ship branded materials. 

View the Promomash Account Set Up steps here.

Confirm your events in PromoMash

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REVIEW: Review the event requirements and note in your calendar the event dates and locations you have committed to.

Brand Ambassador's schedules are reflected in Promomash, so if you have been approved/confirmed for an event, that means you are on the schedule.

It is the responsibility of the Brand Ambassador to keep up with their schedule. Reminder emails are sent out Tuesday morning for events the following week.

View the Promomash Event Confirmation steps here.

Get the required supplies

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SUPPLIES: Make sure you have the supplies listed below:

  • Professional black blouse/button down and pants

  • 4ft folding table and black fabric table cloth

  • Clear plastic cups and ice bucket

  • Sell sheets and 21+ sign for alcohol samplings (will be in the brands folder)

  • Smart phone to check in/out and complete Promomash report

View the full list of supplies needed for the event here.

Get trained on the brand

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TRAINING: Brand Ambassadors are responsible for reviewing brand training materials before their events in order to promote the product with an expert level of knowledge and engage with customers to ensure they have a positive interaction with the brand. 

Find your brand and training materials here.

Complete your Paychex Profile

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PAYCHEX: All Brand Ambassadors are entered into Paychex under our parent company TP Supply Co.

You must complete your profile in order for us to process payroll as well as give you access to your paystubs.

You will receive an email from

Instructions for completing your Paychex profile are found here.

Event report in Promomash

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EVENT REPORT: Your Promomash report acts as your timesheet and expense sheet, so it should be filled out after each event.

These reports are also sent over to the client so your responses are expected to be high quality. 

If you have specific issues during an event that are not brand related, please detail your experience in an email to and she will work to help you.

Find more PromoMash Support here.

Day of the event

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CHECKING IN: Please save Event Support's number


(323) 538-6752


You will need to check in on Promomash as soon as you are on-site the day of your event, as well as send a photo of you + your setup to Event Support. If the store does not have product in stock, DO NOT LEAVE before speaking with Event Support. 

DURING EVENT: Take required photos, inventory counts, and record commentary required for Promomash report.

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Phun Phlock

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Paychex Flex


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Event Supplies Needed

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Phun for All Brands

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