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Phun for All creates brand

strength by utilizing captivating customer experiences, thus 

leading to customer loyalty.

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Create a closer bond between you and your consumers through face-to-face experiences that are personalized specifically to your brand and messaging.

Phun for All will work closely with you to build a strategic experiential marketing plan, from planning and creative solutions to logistics, staffing, and management via reporting and analysis. This will increase your brand awareness and ultimately a huge return on investment.

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Get to know us!


Lesley Smith

Brand Operations Manager

Where are you from?

Rock Hill, South Carolina

What is your role at Phun for All?

I handle Brand Ambassador staffing tailored for brands based on their campaign needs and communicate with Brand Ambassadors on event details to make sure all runs smoothly.

What do you do for Phun?

I love going out in Ocean Beach and am a fan of a good burrito!

What is your phavorite fact about flamingos?

My favorite fact about flamingos is that they actually can fly and often travel long distances at night!

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The element of Phun in

Phun for All

Phun for All is the newest addition to the parent company,

Team Phun, a brand consulting agency specializing in the promotional products industry.

Team Phun has been one of the fastest-growing companies for five years running due to their unique blend of passionate team members, colorful brand imagery, and a desire to continue to push the envelope in their industry and founded on the principles of having 'phun'. Spelled with a 'ph' because everyone likes to have phun in their own way.

Phun for All and Team Phun work closely together to offer a more comprehensive solution to clients, while bringing the element of phun to each service. 

Learn more about what Team Phun has to offer here

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Element of Phun
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